Monday, September 29, 2014

After - Part Three is Available!

It's finally here!! I'll keep this short and sweet. Dig in!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

That Ghoul Ava - By T.W. Brown

Do you guys want to know how many books I've read this year? 27.

Do you know how many reviews I've gotten up on my blog? One.

I'm ashamed. Some of those books have been indie novels too. I try to make it a point to always always leave reviews for indie novels, and I have failed miserably this year. I am going to strive (hards) to do better.

That being said, I have left reviews for a handful of books on Audible and Amazon, they just never made it to my blog. I still have a very long, drawn out post in my drafts for The Dark Tower series that I poke with a stick every now and then, and ideas for The Wheel of Time, which I just finished this year. I will say that Sanderson did a wonderful job finishing up Jordan's work. The Last Battle totally blew my mind, and I will always remember the night I finished it. Many tears were shed, and there are scenes that I'll remember forever.

But on to an actual review! Oh. My. Goodness!

Little over a months ago, (geez, has it been that long?) Mr. Brown graciously gave me the audible versions of the three That Ghoul Ava books in exchange for a review on Audible. As soon as I got the books downloaded, I proceeded to devour them.

Ava instantly grabbed me. The books are light-hearted and well written, and both the narrators did an excellent job. I got a kick out of all the chapter titles, as well as the buttload of references strung through all the books. I caught at least one Buffy reference, and I think there was a Dexter ref in there too? And WHAT'S WRONG WITH JOURNEY???


There were several scenes that actually made me laugh out loud, which is somewhat rare for the type of books I generally read, so this was a much appreciated change of pace. The plot for all three books were solid and true to the core of the story. There wasn't a lot of extra, unneeded fluff, and there was just enough mystery to keep you wondering what was going to happen next.

But what did I absolutely love about these books? Ya know, besides Ava...

The mythology! Man, am I a sucker for a twist on the standard mythology of supernatural beings. Ava's universe has something new and different for them all. Vampires (dead sexy), ghouls (OP!), zombies (delicious... what?), fairies (bitches) ... There's something new for all of them. Oh, and goblins. Yucky!

These books are good fun, and I highly recommend them if you want a hearty laugh. Like I said in my audible review, they're like a supernatural Nancy Drew for adults.

I know the fourth book is out, and I don't think I can wait for the audible release! I might have to fit that one in before Rise of the King comes out on Tuesday.

Also, the cover art is absolutely fabulous!


This concludes my spoiler free review for That Ghoul Ava. Yay! I finished a review! Time for a cookie.

Oh! And for those of you who may have missed it, After - Part Three is on the way. Release date is set for September 30th! Weee!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get ready!

Are you ready for After - Part Three? If you've been following my Facebook posts, you know the release is just around the corner! The rewrites are done. The first round edit changes are done. The polishing is done, and now it's in the hands of my final copy editor. WE ARE SO CLOSE!!

To celebrate, the first two parts have new covers! The changes to part one are pretty small, I just added a little eyeliner (snicker), but I think part two got a pretty big make over.


   Get it now for just $.99!         Buy it now for $2.99!

If you haven't started yet, now is the perfect time! After - Part One is available in e-book or paperback.

Alright guys. I'm off to work on the next project until the manuscript is back in my hands again. Expect some updates soon!! Here OR on Facebook, and eventually Twitter, but I suck trying to use Twitter. Me using Twitter is like having to watch my Grandpa program the clock on his VCR. Yes, I said VCR.  

Is my age showing again?

Anyway, love you guys! Have a wonderful week!