Monday, February 17, 2014

They're here!

Ready for signage!!
Woohoo! My first wave of paperbacks is finally here, ready to be signed and shipped out. I should have them all in the mail by this weekend, so if your one of the few who have been waiting for a copy, the wait is finally over! ... well.. minus shipping time.

Also, my review for The Dark Tower has been started... and I'm not half done yet, so I figured I should just get this out of they way and continue to work on the review in other posts. Maybe two... I have a lot to say about these books.

In the mean time, I have started a read and review ... thingie... with T.W. Brown. Hopefully it'll turn into a real book of the month club, but we need a few more indie authors to join in! So speak up if you're interested!

The book for February is Odium, by Claire C. Riley.

The title alone is gripping for me. I've barely opened the book and I can't wait to read more. I can only catch snippets here or there, but hopefully I will find some time to sit down and blaze through this book.

The move into the new house has started. We spent the weekend painting my daughters room, and will be moving all the big stuff this upcoming Saturday. We're spending time moving some little things during the evenings after work, and I Am Beat!! 

Hate to say this, but editing has slowed on part three. I'll jump right back into it as soon as the move is done. I think I'll be dying for some time to just park my butt somewhere and rest once this is all over with!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What day is it?!?

My head is spinning, I can't keep track anymore!

So, a big update coming your way today. I think it's due since I've been neglecting my blogging duties lately.

First up, my reading status. I'm done with Wolves of the Calla and Song of Susannah. Wolves of the Calla is a big book, almost a stand alone story like Wizard and Glass, but it all ties into the main plot by the end. It took a while to get used to George Guidall's voice. There was a time or two I almost put audible down and reached for the kindle, but I hung with it and finally got used to it... for the most part. I still prefer Frank Muller over George, but I think Georgie can carry me through to the end at least.

Mordred Deschain is creepy! **
I haven't read reviews of what other people thought of Wolves of the Calla yet, (don't want to stumble across a spoiler!) but I enjoyed it. The battle at the end was satisfying, and I really enjoyed seeing Jake grow into a young gunslinger. The book flowed so easily into Song of Susannah that I escaped the hangover. I started listening to Song the same night I finished Wolves. Song of Susannah is a very short book by King's standards, and I got through it in a week... AAANNNDDDDD I'm already a few chapters into The Dark Tower, so it's going to be hard to separate the books in my mind once I'm all done. Guess the real review will come when I finish the last one. Since they've been out on the market for a whole decade, there will be spoilers. I've got to be the only left who hasn't finished the series!

Now, here's for the fun-fun news! The first big order of paperbacks of After - Part Two are on the way to my house, so for those of you who have been waiting patiently (thank you, thank you!) for a signed copy, you'll have it soon! The ETA to my doorstep is February 17th, and I will have them in the mail soon after.

A natural segue into an After - Part Three report should follow that, but unfortunately I do not have any breaking news. I'm still plodding away as time allows, and expect to reveal the cover at the end of the month, along with maybe a little extra somethin' somethin'. ;)

Time to wrap this up with some pretty big life news. Remember when my husband and I sold our house back in November, moved into a rent house, and said we'd take some time looking for THE house we'd spend the next 20 years in? Yeah, we found it. We expect to be closing in a WEEK and then will be moving in! I'm very excited! Might be hard to find editing time while we're moving, but I'm sure I'll get settled in soon enough. Then I'll be back at it, buckling down, keeping my nose to the grindstone, going that extra mile and whatnot... Oh, silly idioms, I'll never escape em', but I'll be working hard, dammit!

Until then... Long days and pleasant nights, sais.

**Not sure who to credit for this artwork, but I found it on the Dark Tower Wiki.