Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Hello everyone!

Here's an update for the past week. We (hopefully) have a buyer for the house, so that's great news! Going to wait in the car in the Sonic parking lot while the house is being shown is getting really old. Of course, that means we'll be moving soon... like... quite possibly REALLY soon, but then all this hassle will be behind us for awhile.

Next up... the recovery! It's going. Some days are okay, some has more pain than others. I'm able to type for short periods of time, so I have been keeping up with my daily NaNo targets, but I've also been using Dragon to help me along. It's only been one week, so I hope I'll see some major improvement over the next few weeks. The good thing is, I was able to do something about this before my nerve damage got really bad and there's hardly any numbness in my fingers at all.

I'm still a wimp and can't open any of my drinks unless I get creative, and then I normally end up wet somewhere. Oh well. That'll pass soon, I'm sure.

Well, to end my short post, if you missed it, After - Part Two is available on Amazon now! Woot!

Now that's it's getting colder, you've got a nice book to cuddle up with, righto?  :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! See ya next week!